Services Offered:

The Bank offers a wide spectrum of services to investors in the Syrian Free Zones directly and / or through its world wide correspondents, in the following fields :
Open various (Draft Based) Accounts in Foreign Currencies .

  1. Issuing Money Transfers all over the world .
  2. Opening letters of credit to all parts of the world through its large number of correspondent banks.
  3. Settlements of all Inward Bills for collection to the Bank customers in the Syrian Free Zones .
  4. Direct and collect Bills for collection all over the world through its net of correspondents .
  5. Issuing all kind of Guarantees, bid , performance and payment bonds to its customers.
  6. Provide investors with feasibility assessment studies about the different fields of investment in Iraq.

Services provided for the customers

The free Zone Branch in Damascus has effectively extended to its customer specialized consultancy services regarding all types of trade and investment opportunities available in the Iraqi markets